Th‎e Best Sous Vide Mach‎ine‎s for 2020

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Our smart home reviewers have tested more than 100 kitchen gadgets and small appliances, and we 8217;ve found that like most kitchen gadgets, not all sous vide machines are created equally.

After all of our extensive testing and research, our pick for the best sous vide machine is the Breville Joule. It 8217;s compact, powerful, heats up fast, and it has an elegant design. However, if the Joule is not your style, we 8217;ve also included our picks for the best starter sous vide machine, the best budget sous vide machine, the best sous vide pressure cooker, and the best sous vide water oven.

Why we picked the Joule:

Boasting 1100 watts of power, the Joule is powerful enough to heat your water quickly. Of all the immersion circulators we tested, the Joule heated water the fastest, bringing 4 quarts of water from room temperature (78 degrees Fahrenheit) to 135 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes. The manufacturer recommends a maximum water capacity of 2.5 gallons when you 8217;re cooking without a cover, and 5 gallons if you 8217;re cooking with a covered pot. This is a large enough capacity to accommodate a large family or a small dinner party. Some people worry about immersion circulators being annoyingly loud. Thankfully, the Joule is surprisingly quiet considering its speed and power. It 8217;s about as loud as the sound of boiling water.

Why we picked the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker:

Instead of using a magnetic base, the Anova clamps onto the side of your cooking pot. It 8217;s secure once in place, but it does require you to fiddle with it for a few seconds to get it just right.

When compared to the Joule, though, the Anova is less powerful in terms of its wattage. This doesn 8217;t have much impact on its maximum capacity 8212; 4 to 5 gallons, per the manufacturer 8217;s recommendations 8212; but it does impact how fast it heats water. For example, it took roughly 20 minutes to heat 4 quarts of water from room temperature to 135 degrees.

Why we picked the Anova Nano Sous Vide Machine:

Anova, a well-known brand in the sous vide world, really hit the mark with the Nano. It 8217;s only 12.8 inches tall, which makes it small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer, and you can attach it to virtually any pot that’s large enough to hold your ingredients and desired water capacity. Speaking of water capacity, the 750-watt Nano can heat up to five gallons of water to temperatures between 132- and 197-degrees Fahrenheit.

One issue we sometimes see with budget sous vide machines is a lack of accuracy. Maintaining the perfect temperature in that water bath is vital, as it means the difference between perfectly cooked steaks and unappetizing, dried out cuts of meat. The Nano maintains the water bath temp within 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit accuracy. Nano’s Bluetooth BLE 4.2 also allows you to use your phone to remotely control the machine, and the app has easy-to-follow recipes where you can push a button to start. You can also create your own recipes in the app.

While the Nano has a lot to offer, it’s not perfect. We felt the clamp was not designed as well as it could have been, as it doesn’t open wide enough. The Nano isn’t as powerful as other sous vide cookers, so you must be a bit more careful not to overload the water bath with too many food items. In spite of these downsides, the Nano is more than worth the small investment.

Why we picked the Instant Pot Duo SV:

It has a large display with 14 cooking different smart programs, and sous vide cooking in the Duo SV is simple. You can fully customize the temperature and time settings, and there 8217;s room in the pot to fit enough ingredients for a family of four. The Duo SV heats up a water bath relatively quickly, with both closed-lid and open-air cooking programs you can use for your different sous vide recipes.

Why we picked the Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven:

The Sous Vide Supreme brings sous vide cooking to home cooks. Their water ovens are high quality, yet affordable enough for non-commercial use. The Demi water oven is compact, measuring 29cm x 28cm x 33cm (approximately 11.3 inches by 11 inches by 13 inches). It’s about the size of a crockpot, and you can easily store it on a countertop or in a cabinet.

The Demi water oven has double-walled insulation and a steam containing lid, so it’s cool to touch on the outside, and no steam escapes. It also doesn’t release heavy smells into the air. It can maintain the water temperature between 86- and 210-degrees Fahrenheit, and it does so within 1-degree accuracy. If you want it to, the Demi oven can even hold the water at your desired temperature for several days, and you can set the timer for up to 99 hours.

The Demi Oven doesn’t run on a motor, so it’s completely quiet. It has a perforated bottom grill which makes it generate thermal turbulence. Although the machine’s interior appears small (the water bath has a 2.3-gallon water capacity), it can actually hold quite a bit of food. It comes with a stainless-steel rack, which positions your foods in the correct places. You can cook up to 12 four-ounce pouches of food at a time.

The major drawback to this appliance is the price. It’s more expensive than most of the immersion circulators on the market. But, what you’re paying for is the quality and the all-in-one functionality.

Sous vide is French for 8220;under vacuum. 8221; A sous vide machine maintains a water bath at a precise temperature, and it cooks foods contained within a vacuum-sealed or zip-lock bag. There are a few different types of sous vide machines. Immersion circulators use a heating element and a water pump to keep the water moving and at a consistent temperature. Sous vide water baths typically have a heating element surrounding the water that maintains the precise temperature. Because the food cooks at such a steady temperature and the water surrounds it on all sides, it cooks very evenly. Also, the fact that the food is encased in plastic helps to lock in moisture and flavor.

In addition to a good sous vide immersion circulator or sous vide water oven, it 8217;s a good idea to have a vacuum sealing machine with vacuum seal bags. You can use zip-lock bags, but they just don 8217;t work quite as well. Also, if you 8217;re using an immersion circulator, you 8217;ll need a container to hold your water bath. Any large container, like an insert from an Instant Pot, is sufficient. However, there are specialty pots like Tuxton 8217;s Sous Vide Pot that are specifically designed for sous vide cooking. Using a specialty water bath can help improve quality and consistency.

Any of the options included in this guide are good value when you compare the price versus the features they offer.

We tested and compared ten different sous vide machines that received some of the highest overall ratings. During testing, we considered these factors: taste of the meal, quality and durability, features, ease of use, speed and power, and price. We also compared the time it took to heat water from 78 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit using each machine. Additionally, we considered factors like tech integration, maximum capacities, noisiness, manual instructions (and how easy the instructions are to follow and understand), comments from users, customer support, and overall value.


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