Heavy r‎ain a‎nd cold waves to hit Guan‎gdong this

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Heavy rain and cold air will hit the province this week, temperatures dropping sharply over the weekend, according to the Guangdong Meteorological Service. Starting from now on, the province will gradually enter storm season, with unpleasant wet cold days just around the corner too.

On February 11th, there is steady rain expected in Shaoguan and Qingyuan, light rain across western Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta region. Other cities remain cloudy and overcast. Most regions will see a temporary rise in temperature with light fog in the morning and evening.

Heavy rain is forecasted to hit Yangjiang, Maoming, northern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta regions between February 12th and 13th, with light rain in the Leizhou Peninsula. The other cities and counties across the province are also expected to see wet weather, with gale-force winds to hit some regions.

On February 13th, heavy rain will sweep over more cities.

On February 14th, Qingyuan, Shaoguan, eastern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta region have a chance of heavy rain, with light rain across other regions of the province.

From the evening of February 15th, a cold wave will bring heavy rain from north to south across the whole of Guangdong

Temperatures will drop by 7℃-9℃ on February 16th and 17th with the lowest temperature to be about minus 2℃ in the mountainous areas of northern Guangdong. February 17th will see an end to the rain but the chill will persist.

7-Day forecast for Guangzhou:

February 11th, Tuesday, overcast with light rain, 14℃-19℃

February 12th, Wednesday, overcast with light rain in some areas, 17℃-24℃

February 13th, Thursday, overcast with torrential rain, 17℃-21℃

February 14th, Friday, overcast with light to moderate rain, 17℃-22℃

February 15th, Saturday, overcast with light to moderate rain, 18℃-24℃

February 16th, Sunday, overcast with moderate to heavy rain, 10℃-21℃

February 17th, Monday, cloudy, 8℃-15℃

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